4 Weeks of Fitness

4 Weeks of Fitness

You Start when You want

Sign Up for 4 Weeks at a time, for only $29 per week

Your Time, Your Way

With over 16 classes per week, theres something for everyone.

High Intensity classes such as D45, MetCon, Hiit and MeaFitt,will leave you sweating and burning calories like crazy. Then there’s Boxing, Plates and Boot Camps to build muscle and endurance.

4 Weeks of Fitness allows you to sign up for 4 Weeks of limited Classes, starting whenever you choose.

Everyone of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to participate.

Simply click on the More Info button and one of our trainers will be in touch.

What's training at Alternature like?

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Classes Timetable


  • 5:00am. Boot Camp
  • 5:45am. HIIT
  • 9:30am. Mum’s Boot Camp
  • 6:00pm. Boxing


  • 5:00am. MetCon
  • 5:45am. Roll and Release
  • 5:30pm. Megabit
  • 6:00pm. Ass and Abs


  • 5:45am. D45
  • 9:30am. Mum’s Boot Camp
  • 6:00pm. Boxing


  • 5:00am. Boot Camp
  • 5;45am. HIIT Boxing
  • 5;30pm. HIIT
  • 6;00pm. D45


  • 5;00am. MetCon
  • 5:45am. Roll and Release
  • 9;30am. Mum’s Boot Camp


  • 6;30am. D45
  • 7;5am. Pilates or Roll and Release